Color in worksheets with animal facts: fox and tiger facts!

10 animal color in and facts worksheets for class or homeschool!

10 Animal coloring in pages with 5 facts about each animal in Spanish and English

Learn a little fact about each animal as your are coloring in. 5 animal facts in Spanish and English about  the Brown Bear, Panda, Cat, Dog, Owl, Tiger. Fox, Rabbit, Koala and a Deer. 10 beautifully illustrated animal coloring in PDF templates. Easy to download for an animal mask making class activity or home school art project or just a fun crafting afternoon with the family.

Learn about the fox and the tiger: Color-in worksheets to download and try for yourself!

10 Animals to color: Color-in worksheets+ Tiger and fox fact sheets
Tiger and fox fact sheets
10 easy printable animal mask templates. Homemade costume ideas - Press GIF to play image!
Animal mask templates to download and make

Happythought’s printable animal masks include an instruction sheet with step by step photos & illustrations on how to assemble each mask.

Also included are 10 printable black and white mask templates to color in of each animal. Plus 10 Animal color in and facts worksheets in English and Spanish of each animal. Our digital templates are designed to be easy to make. We like it simple too!

Cute fox mask patterns to make. Easy step-by-step instructions!
Animal mask patterns – cute Fox mask

Here are the 6 facts about the Red Fox:

1. The most common species of fox is the red fox found on nearly every continent.
2. To help find their way foxes have whiskers on their legs.
3. Foxes are either solitary or live in small family groups.
4. Foxes are great night-time predators because their eyes are specially adapted to night vision.
5. Foxes have excellent vision, smell and touch.
6. Foxes belong to the dog family which include wolves, jackals and dogs.

Tiger mask printable templates, patterns and cutouts!
Simple to make tiger mask!: Grrrr!
Here are the 5 facts about the Tiger:

1. The Tiger is the biggest species of the cat family.
2. A group of Tigers is known as an ‘ambush’ or ‘streak’.
3. When Tiger cubs are around 2 years of age they leave their mother.
4. Tigers are good swimmers.
5. Tigers are usually nocturnal hunters.

Just click here to download your free pdf animal worksheets of a fox and a Tiger. Five fun facts in Spanish and English about each animal.

You can buy the other 8 PDF coloring pages as part of our Happythought Printable Animal Masks. The pack also contains Fox and Tiger mask templates to color-in and make. Click here to see more!

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