6 printable butterfly mask templates


Templates and instructions for making your own butterfly masks. Be your favourite butterfly!

• 6 full color butterfly mask templates
• 6 black & white butterfly mask templates to color-in your own way
• 6 butterfly color in fact sheets 
• Step by step instructions (see video tutorial below in description)

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Make your own Butterfly Masks with Happythought’s printable mask templates. The butterflies featured are based on a Monarch, Cloudless sulphur, Blue morpho, Sea green swallowtail, Tamil yeoman and blushing phantom butterflies.

All the butterfly masks have black and white mask templates to color in your own way plus color in fact sheets about these wonderful creatures.

DIY paper butterfly mask tutorial. Printable 3D paper monarch butterfly mask template

Make a paper butterfly mask with our easy to follow video tutorial.

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) files featuring the following mask templates:

• 6 DIY butterfly full color mask templates
• 6 Black & white butterfly mask template to color-in your own way
• Easy to follow photo/video instructions
• 6 Butterfly color in fact sheets

Make your own butterfly maks with printable templates
Printable templates to make paper butterfly masks.

Did you know?

Butterflies have a liquid diet
They don’t have the necessary apparatus for chewing. Butterflies dip their proboscis into the liquid and draw it up into their bodies. Their proboscis curls up when not in use.

Butterflies actually have four wings
The wings closest to its head are called the forewings, while those in the rear are called the hindwings. Thanks to strong muscles in the butterfly’s thorax, all four wings move up and down in a figure-eight pattern during flight.

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Check out the Blue Morpho butterfly tutorial here.

Ideal for fun dress up, playtime, crafts, family activities or homeschool. Step by step instructions to show you how to make a 3D paper dragon mask. Ideal for fun play time, birthday parties, creative activities and family crafting.

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