Haunted Halloween House template


Creative projects and templates for Halloween. Templates to create this Haunted Halloween House.

• Haunted Halloween House templates
• Video tutorial

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Have fun with Happythought’s spooky Haunted Halloween House template.

3D paper Haunted House Luminaries. Watch DIY Halloween tutorial

Watch the video then make your own haunted house luminaries

Spooky town Haunted Halloween House idea

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Easy and quick to make and sure to delight any Halloween crafters.

Download and make a cute 3D paper Haunted Halloween House. DIY Halloween decoration templates

YOU WILL RECEIVE: PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following templates/patterns:

• Haunted Halloween House templates
• Video tutorial instructions

Creative projects and templates for Halloween

Welcome to Spooky Town! This cute and creepy printable Haunted Halloween House template.

Make a paper Halloween haunted house luminaries from these Happythought PDF templates
Make a paper Haunted Halloween house luminaries

Print, fold and stick these fun printable templates to make your own paper Haunted Halloween House. Fun as a Halloween party craft activity too. Creative projects and templates for Halloween, all the ghosts love a Haunted Halloween House!

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