3 printable llama templates

Templates and instructions on making these cute llama ornaments!

• 3 DIY animal llama full color templates

• 3 DIY animal llama color-in templates

• Easy to follow instructions



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Make your own printable papercraft llamas: Three llama templates to choose!

Get crafty! Make with these lovely paper llamas!

Make these cool printable llama decorations with this easy to download PDF papercraft templates. The pack features three llama  designs. A red llama with a green face, a pink faced green llama, a cool blue llama with red scarf and red feet.

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printable llama made of paper - ready to download print and make

Perfect for the classroom or as a fun family craft activity.

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The dimensions of these paper llama templates are a cute 5 inches tall. Get creative by scaling the templates to fit your ideas and designs.

instructions paper craft llamas template designs

We also make all our paper craft kits easy to construct. Paper llama templates always come with a cover sheet containing simple instructions to follow. Fun and interesting designs to liven up things a little. A bit of colour always makes a difference.
Llamas and their family members

The llama family consists of llama, guanaco, alpaca and vicuña. The guanaco and vicuña are wild. Living in the mountain ranges and lower slops of the Andes in South America. Llamas and alpaca are more domesticated.

llama guanco alpaca vicuna animal photo from atacama

The llama is an intelligent animal and has the ability to learn quickly. Llamas are more closely compared to camels than sheep.

Photos showing llamas with a brown neck and white coat. A black and white spotted dalmation llama. A cow bell wearing pearl white llama with a pink ribbon in her ear.

llamas guanco alpaca vicuna photos from atacama

The rainbow valley in the Atacama desert is located in Chile, where all four members of the llama family can be found.

Llamas and their kind are famous for their soft lanolin-free wool. Llama rugs, sweaters and socks are just a few of the famous products made from llama wool.

More info on the llama family, ideal living habits plus some more great llama images. Visit EOL – Encyclopedia of Life resource.

Llama crafts books on Amazon 15 crafts to make
Llama crafts books on Amazon 15 crafts to make

Also be sure to check out this fabulous Llama Craft book by Ellen Deakin at Happythought. Packed full of 18 fun, vibrant and inspiring llama crafts.

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