18 Tartan scrapbooking papers


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• 18 Tartan scrapbook papers

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This Tartan scrapbooking digital papers kit is a collection of  digital tartan plaid patterns in a variety of color ways.

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Perfect for: traditional scrapbooking, holiday cards, crafts or gift tags, digital scrapbooking, gifts, greeting cards, invitations, craft projects or as inspiration for your own designs and creations.

18 Tartan scrapbooking digital papers


18 HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) .jpeg files of the following digital papers.

Tartan backgrounds – Set One – 12″ x 18″ inches

Scottish Tartan images for tartan scrapbooking

1) Cyan scrapbooking tartan background
2) Yellow scrapbooking tartan background
3) Blue scrapbooking tartan background
4) Magenta scrapbooking tartan background
5) Red scrapbooking tartan background
6) Red 2 scrapbooking tartan background

Tartan backgrounds – Set Two – 12″ x 14″ inches

tartan scrapbook paper uk

7) Pink scrapbooking tartan background
8) Lime scrapbooking tartan background
9) Blue scrapbooking tartan background
10) Red scrapbooking tartan background
11) Traditional scrapbooking tartan background
12) Light blue scrapbooking tartan  background

Tartan image backgrounds – Set Three – 12″ x 13″ inches.

Tartan scrapbooking papers for burns night celebrations

13) Raspberry tartan scrapbooking background
14) Heather tartan scrapbooking background
15) Brown tartan scrapbooking background
16) Green 1 tartan scrapbooking background
17) Green 2 tartan scrapbooking background
18) Blue tartan scrapbooking background

All the above digital files are designed to be used for traditional scrapbooking, holiday cards, burns night, Scottish celebrations, crafts or gift tags, digital scrapbooking, decorations, craft projects, gifts, greeting cards, invitations and more.

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