Printable gift box sets

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A collection of over 30 gorgeous printable gift boxes. Perfect for special gifts or for party favors!

The sets included are Barnyard boxes, Cookie cottages, Geometric cubes, Gingerbread house boxes, Happy cubes, St Valentine’s cottages and Love cube gift box templates.

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Happythought’s 7 magnificent printable gift box sets:

Perfect for special gifts or for party favors!
Over 30 patterns and cutouts.
Easy to follow instructions.

Perfect gift box papercraft activity to put your presents anf homemade gifts
Over 30 fun and colorful gift boxes!


7 HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) PDF templates of the following:

1) Barnyard templates
2) Cookie templates
3) Geometric cube templates
4) Gingerbread house templates
5) Happy cube templates
6) Valentine templates
7) Love cube templates

Happythought papercraft gift box set: Over 30 gift box template ideas

The 7 gift box set of printable templates are digital PDF files. All the gift box templates come with easy to follow instructions on assembling the boxes.

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Over 30 gift box templates and patterns for just $5!

Check out in more detail the gift boxes below:7 easy to make gift boxes at home for that special someone!

31 boxes – Happythought’s 7 printable gift box templates – Dimensions

Cookie Box set
2 larger boxes, perfect for homemade cookies and treats.
16cm x 10.8.5cm x 13.5cm.

Geometric cube set
6 bright, geometric cubes, great for party favors or little gifts.

Happy boxes set
6 gorgeous graphic gift boxes in 3 sizes and 2 color ways.
4.8×4.8cm, 6x6cm. 8x8cm.

Love cube box set
3 lovely boxes, perfect for a special or romantic gift.
4.8×4.8cm, 6x6cm. 8x8cm.

Ideas for gift boxes - Cookie, Geometric, happy cubes and love cube templates!

Valentine box set
4 cute little cottages for Valentines day.
2 sizes – 8×5.2×6.5 cm and 11.5×7.5x9cm.

Barnyard box set
6 perfect for Easter favors, barnyard party or for wedding favors.
2 sizes – 9×5.7×7.8cm and 11×7.5×10.4cm.

Gift box set ideas - Valentine and Barnyard templates!

Gingerbread gift box set
4 little gingerbread gift boxes for the festive season, can also be hung in the tree.
Sizes: 1) 9×5.8×7.5cm 2) 8.5×5.5 x7cm 3) 10×5.8×7.5cm 4) 10.2×5.8×7.5cm.

Gingerbread house patterns and template ideas!

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