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Future Fantasy Reptiles

Heavily polluted by technology; Geckos, Chameleons, Turtles & Crocodiles will evolve into the new dominate force on the planet.

Box to box was how the humans lived. No one dare put their head out of the windows…

Green turtle romps on a golden cityscape looking for you
Giant electronic turtle romps though Platinum
Enormous blue electronic alligator skims across the Steel cityscape looking for you
Enormous electronic alligator skims across the Steel
Sassy red electronic gecko crawls through the golden city sucking and un sucking looking for you
Sassy electronic gecko hugs Golden
A Huge yellow electronic chameleon clings to Silver cityscape looking for you
Huge electronic chameleon clings to Silver

They live a life as scavengers. Transforming themselves with technology. Leave the boxes, they bleep…

Electronic reptiles looking for you. But why?

Created in 2005 for the Traverse Theatre Festival Exhibition. by Dj Harry3D.

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Dj Harry3d
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