Free printable Easter bingo game. Download printable bingo cards, caller cards and how to play instructions

Free printable Easter Bingo game: Download 10 bingo cards, 36 caller cards + instructions.

Easter Bingo game: Play ducks, eggs, bunnies, chicks, hearts, hedgehogs and a flower!

Download 10 Bingo cards, 36 caller card templates to print and cut out, along with easy to follow instructions for playing this free printable Easter Bingo game. We have put together some of our favourite Easter decorations and party ideas here –


How to put together your free printable easter bingo game template:

1. Print out bingo boards and picture cards on to card stock.
2. Cut out the picture caller cards.
3. Find a bag or a hat to put the cards in.
4. Find some counters – coins or popcorn seeds work well!
5. You’re ready to play Bingo!

Easter game ideas - Bingo icons!

Easy instructions on playing bingo

  • Each player has an Easter bingo board.
  • Before you start decide if you are playing for a horizontal row, a vertical row, or for the whole board!
  • The bingo caller pulls out a card at a time and calls and shows the picture – e.g. “Yellow rabbit”
  • If a player has the picture on their card they can cover it with a counter.
  • When a player covers all the pictures on their board they call out “BINGO!”
  • The first player to do so is the WINNER!

Easter bingo game images

Easter ducks, eggs, bunnies, chicks, hearts, hedgehogs and flowers.
Enrol a lively guest as your bingo caller and remember to prepare some counters for the players beforehand.

Free printable easter bingo game: Download includes 10 Bingo cards, 2 pages of caller cards and easy to follow instructions.

Free printable Easter Bingo game: Download 10 bingo cards, 36 caller cards + instructions.

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Printable Easter Bingo game template

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