July 4th crafts: Paper mini top hats

us national patriots day fourth of July mini printable paper top hats

July 4th crafts: Paper mini top hats for the big celebration!

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal.”
― Thomas Jefferson, The Declaration of Independence

To celebrate the Fourth of July here at Happythought we have put together three stars and stripes mini top hats. Yes, we know we are Brits and that you are celebrating independence from us, but we are all friends now and who can resist fireworks, family get togethers and barbecues?

We were inspired to get in on the party by our US cousin Kari (pictured above), who is always the life and soul of any occasion. Where she’s at is the place to be, so Happy Birthday USA, we hope you don’t mind us crashing your celebration!

Download your own July 4th mini top hat templates!

instruction and step by step on how to make a paper hat july 4th

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Free July the 4th mini paper top hats

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Fourth of July fun facts:

July fourth is America’s biggest secular (non-religious) holiday.

155 million hotdogs will be eaten in the US over the July 4th weekend.

Montana is the state that consumes most beer over the July 4th weekend.

The stars on the original US flag were arranged in a circle, so that all colonies were equal.

The US flag is also known as ‘Old Glory’.
The current version of the flag with 50 stars was designed by a seventeen year old high school student in 1958, who only received a B- for his efforts.

July 4th crafts: Your PDF template sheets (Instructions included in the download)

3 mini paper hat templates for fourth of july celebrations independence day

Paper hat dimensions

fourth of july mini top hat celebrations

Have fun making your own stars and stripes mini top hats and involve all the family or even use the kit at a party or part of a class room activity about Independence Day.

All you will need is our mini top hat templates, scissors, a glue stick and some sticky tape. You can make and print as many mini hats as you like, so why not give them to all your neighbours at this year’s Fourth of July parties and they will go off with a real bang!

July 4th crafts: Make a Stars & Stripes Mini top hat – Celebrate independence day!

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mini top hats for party fiesta celebrations

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  1. Thank you for the mini top hat template. I will make our alice in wonderland fundraiser even more fun!

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