8 fantastic STEM activities - Free to members for one week only!

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Subject: 8 fantastic STEM activities - Free to members for one week only!
Date: July 3rd 2020

8 STEM activities to stimulate young minds!

8 inspiring STEM projects and worksheets

This printable STEM set features 8 creative projects with templates and worksheets, designed to help develop key skills such as problem solving and critical analysis in an entertaining and creative context.

STEM is an approach to learning that integrates areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics. STEM empowers children with practical knowledge and understanding which can be implemented in the world around them. These worksheets are primarily designed for elementary and middle school children, but can also be beneficial and fun for both older and younger children.

Best of all for 1 week only, this printable worksheet set is FREE for Happythought Members using the DISCOUNT CODE - HAPPYSTEM. That's over 50 pages of templates and worksheets for free!

This STEM project set includes:

1. Parachutes - Explore the forces of gravity, weight and air resistance.
2. Dice - Make your own polyhedral dice set and explore statistics and chance.
3. Codes and Ciphers - Learn to encrypt and decrypt your own secret messages.
4. Amazing Balancing Bird - Experiment with balance and mass.
5. Magic Squares - An ancient mathematical puzzle.
6. Magic Hand - A fun kinetic experiment using paper and water.
7. Pick the Elixir - Work out which glass will fill first to win the Wizard’s prize.
8. Coding Robot - Learn about basic coding and steer the robot through the maze.

Don't forget, for 1 WEEK only, this printable STEM set is FREE to download for Happythought Members using the discount code HAPPYSTEM. Offer ends July 10th 2020!

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Happy learning,

Ellen and Harry x

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